Sunday, October 26, 2008

Football and Halloween Festivities

October is one of my favorite months.  I love the leaves, cooler weather, the anticipation of holidays to come and most importantly football.  Ever since I was little, fall and football have gone together.  I have only missed two of my dad's seasons when I was on my mission, and that was hard.  Friday nights always bring a feeling of anticipation and excitement.  I want my kids to experience some of these feelings, so this week we took Lily and Noah to the Skyline/Brighton football game.  They were so excited they could barely contain themselves.  We had to make fudgie cookies (whenever they have come to a game I have made them, so that is now tradition).  We drove with the brown haired grandma, as Lily would call Grandma DuPaix, to the game and they were bouncing all over the place.  The poor people around us.  I think Lily out screamed all the cheerleaders put together and Noah made a run for it himself.  They were thrilled anytime they could find Papa on the field.  Noah asked all sorts of questions about the field and players.  The last two days he's been wanting to throw the ball around a lot.  I love it!  Happily Skyline won and advances to the playoffs next weekend.  They play Lone Peak and we will be cheering for them.
At the end of the game they had fireworks and the kids were in heaven.  Lily was sure the festivities were because Papa won, even though we were at Brighton High School.  When we got home Lily fell head first out of the van.  She was okay, but she said a funny thing.  Mommy, Daddy was in my way and was squeezing me.  Then I just popped out!  I love their comments.  

My other picture is from the Fall Festival at the church.  Although Brent didn't play football in high school, he sure looks good!  We had a fun time Grandma D., Stephen and the youth did a good job.  Our kids came home with tons of candy.  It was great!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quarry pictures

Time to get started!

With Brent's help I am making the leap into the blogging world.  I've been reading different blogs tonight from family and friends and missing some of you like crazy (Angi and Meri).  We have had a fun day.  We took the kids up to Temple Quarry in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  They loved running around and playing on the rocks.  Noah taught Ethan how to throw rocks and he would laugh every time it happened.  Ethan also tried walking over all the rocks in the river bed.  He's still not super sturdy on a normal floor, so he didn't get very far.  Lily spent a lot of time finding pretty rocks with Brent.  They found some awesome ones to bring home.  There were a ton of people up there taking family pictures, so we decided we better take one too.  We weren't dressed up as spiffy as everybody else, but it was still fun.  We saw some really vibrant leave colors.  My favorite was orange/red.  We also saw three mountain goats up on the mountains.  It was great to be out in nature.