Friday, November 14, 2008

Stitches and hair cuts

It was so great last week to have Meri and Shane in town.  We miss you guys!
This week hasn't been quite as fun.  On Monday Lily fell into the bathroom and ripped up her knee.  After having Nurse Grandma and Nurse Becca look at it we headed to insta care.  Lily did not want stitches.  A couple of years ago she had them in her head and she was determined not to go through that again.  They put numbing gel on the knee and after 30 minutes came back to sew her up.  It took the 5 of us to hold her down and get the three stitches into her.  One nurse kept commenting, "She is so strong, boy is she strong."  All I could do was agree.  My kids are not lightweights.  She has to wear an ace bandage for 7 days, so she doesn't bend her knee and rip it out.  The stitches will come out in 12 days.
So Monday wasn't the best day and Tuesday I decided to just add to the fun.  Lily's bangs really needed to be trimmed.  Brent normally does the hair cuts, but I thought I'd give it a stab.  It started out great until she move her head just as I snipped.  Her bangs are now way to short.  I tried to even it out, but it's still a little crooked.  Poor girl.  She told me she hates it but thankfully it will grow out.  On the plus side I also trimmed Ethan's hair and it looks okay, not great but okay!  The picture is before I cut Ethan's hair, but he looked so cute I thought I'd post it.  
This weekend has been a little sad as Skyline lost in the Semi-finals to Brighton.  It's been a year of ups and downs and I just wasn't ready for it to end yet.  I think my dad is the best coach and I am proud of all his hard work.