Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Fun and Back to School

It's amazing how fast the summer went when I look back at it. There were days during August when I thought it would stretch on forever. We had some fun times in Park City, Lava Hot Springs, at swimming lessons, art classes and just hanging out at the park.
The kids have started school and they are doing great. Lily loves first grade because of school lunch. She gets chocolate milk every day and she is in heaven. Noah is taking kindergarten very seriously. He says he has to practice every day to do good. The first day he thought he would be in trouble at the rug. They were told to not make a sound. Unfortunately he "burped his bum" and said the other kids laughed. He's trying to not let that happen again. Ethan and I are getting the house organized and I'm loving it. I think I'm a better mom in the afternoon when my kids get home. I can just pay attention to them and not worry about the list of things waiting for me.